95-192. Safety data sheets.

(a) Chemical manufacturers and distributors shall provide safety data sheets (SDSs) to manufacturing and nonmanufacturing purchasers of hazardous chemicals in North Carolina for each hazardous chemical purchased.

(b) Employers shall maintain the most current SDS received from manufacturers or distributors for each hazardous chemical purchased. If an SDS has not been provided by the manufacturer or distributor for chemicals on the Hazardous Substance List at the time the chemicals are received at the facility, the employer shall request one in writing from the manufacturer or distributor within 30 days after receipt of the chemical. If the employer does not receive an SDS within 30 days after his written request, he shall notify the Commissioner of Labor of the failure by manufacturer or distributor to provide the SDS. (1985, c. 775, s. 1; 2017-211, s. 14(f).)