95-157. Carolina Star Program.

(a) The Commissioner may adopt rules for the operation of the Carolina Star Program in a manner that will promote safe and healthy workplaces throughout the State. The rules for the Carolina Star Program adopted by the Commissioner shall pertain to the following matters:

(1) Upper management leadership and active and meaningful employee involvement.

(2) Systematic assessment of occupational hazards.

(3) Comprehensive hazard prevention, control, and mitigation programs.

(4) Employee safety and health training.

(5) Annual safety and health program evaluation.

(6) Star Annual Report.

(7) Attendance and active participation on Carolina Star Safety Conference Regional Teams and conference related activities.

(b) Applications for participation in the Carolina Star Program shall be submitted by the workplace's management. Applications shall include documentation establishing to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that the employer meets all standards for Carolina Star Program participation.

(c) The Department shall provide for on-site evaluations, as resources allow, by Carolina Star Program evaluation teams of each workplace that has applied to participate in the Carolina Star Program to determine if the applicant's workplace complies with the standards for Carolina Star Program participation.

(d) A workplace's continued participation in the Carolina Star Program shall be conditioned on meeting the requirements and expectations established by the Carolina Star Program Policies and Procedures Manual, Star Annual Report, and successful completion of periodic on-site evaluations conducted by the Carolina Star Program evaluation team.

(e) During periods in which a workplace is a participant in the Carolina Star Program, the workplace shall be exempt from inspections under G.S. 95-136; however, this exception shall not apply to inspections or investigations of the workplace arising from complaints, referrals, fatalities, catastrophes, nonfatal accidents, or significant toxic chemical releases. (2017-211, s. 15(b).)