§ 93A-57.  Release of liens.

(a)        Prior to any recordation of the instrument transferring a time share, the developer shall record and furnish notice to the purchaser of a release or subordination of all liens affecting that time share, or shall provide a surety bond or insurance against the lien from a company acceptable to the Commission as provided for liens on real estate in this State, or such underlying lien document shall contain a provision wherein the lienholder subordinates its rights to that of a time share purchaser who fully complies with all of the provisions and terms of the contract of sale.

(b)        Unless a time share owner or a time share owner who is his predecessor in title agree otherwise with the lienor, if a lien other  than a mortgage or deed of trust becomes effective against more than one time share in a time share project, any time share owner is entitled to a release of his time share from a lien upon payment of the amount of the lien attributable to his time share. The amount of the payment must be proportionate to the ratio that the time share owner's liability bears to the liabilities of all time share owners whose interests are subject to the lien. Upon receipt of payment, the lien holder shall promptly deliver to the time share owner a release of the lien covering that time share. After payment, the managing agent may not assess or have a lien against that time share for any portion of the expenses incurred in connection with that lien. (1983, c. 814, s. 1; 1985, c. 578, s. 12.)