90B-9. Renewal of certificates and licenses.

(a) All certificates and licenses, excluding temporary licenses, shall be effective upon date of issuance by the Board, and shall be renewed on or before the expiration date of the certificate or license.

(b) All certificates and licenses issued hereunder shall be renewed at the times and in the manner provided by this section. At least 45 days prior to expiration of each certificate or license, the Board shall mail a notice of renewal to the certificate holder or licensee. Prior to the expiration date, the applicant shall submit to the Board the properly completed application for renewal, the renewal fee pursuant to G.S. 90B-6.2(a)(4), and evidence of completion of the continuing education requirements established by the Board pursuant to G.S. 90B-6(g), upon receipt of which the Board shall renew the certificate or license. If the application for renewal of a certificate or license is not received by the Board office on or before the close of business on the day prior to the expiration date of the license, an additional fee shall be charged for late renewal as provided in G.S. 90B-6.2(a)(5).

(c) A certificate or license issued under this Chapter shall be automatically suspended for failure to renew for a period of more than 60 days after the renewal date. The Board may reinstate a certificate or license suspended under this subsection upon verification of compliance with current requirements and payment of a reinstatement fee as provided in G.S. 90B-6.2(a)(6) and may require that the applicant file a new application, furnish new supervisory reports or references or otherwise update his or her credentials, or submit to examination for reinstatement. The Board shall have exclusive jurisdiction to investigate alleged violations of this Chapter by any person whose certificate or license has been suspended under this subsection and, upon proof of any violation of this Chapter, the Board may take disciplinary action as provided in G.S. 90B-11.

(d) Recodified as G.S. 90B-9.1 by Session Laws 2019-240, s. 10(a), effective January 1, 2021. (1983, c. 495, s. 1; 1999-313, s. 1; 2006-226, s. 19; 2019-240, s. 10(a).)