90B-9.1. Nonpracticing status.

(a) Any person certified or licensed and desiring to retire temporarily from the practice of social work shall send written notice thereof to the Board. Upon receipt of such notice, his or her certificate or license shall be placed on nonpracticing status. During a period of nonpracticing status, the certificate or license holder shall not be subject to payment of renewal fees and shall not be subject to continuing education requirements corresponding to his or her credential. Social workers whose certificate or license has been placed on nonpracticing status shall not refer to themselves as certified or licensed by the Board and shall not engage in social work practice that requires an active certificate or license under this Chapter.

(b) In order to reactivate a certificate or license that has been placed on nonpracticing status, a person shall apply to the Board by making a written request for reactivation. Upon payment of the renewal fee as provided in G.S. 90-6.2, and upon receipt of documentation to the satisfaction of the Board that continuing education requirements for the certification or licensure are complete, the Board shall reactivate the certificate or license of an applicant who is otherwise qualified under this Chapter. (2019-240, s. 10(a).)