§ 90B-6.2.  Fees.

(a)        The Board shall establish fees not exceeding the following amounts:

(1)         All initial applications                                         $200.00

(2)         Examination                                                         Cost plus an

                                                                                          amount not to

                                                                                          exceed $40.00

(3)         Repeated examination or any

             additional examination                                        Cost plus an

                                                                                          amount not to

                                                                                          exceed $40.00

(4)         Renewal applications                                           200.00

(5)         Late fees for renewal                                           50.00

(6)         Reinstatement                                                      200.00

(7)         Duplicate license                                                  25.00

(8)         Temporary certificate or license                          25.00.

(b)        Notwithstanding subdivision (a)(4) of this section, the Board may establish a graduated fee schedule for renewals that is based upon the applicant's level of certification or licensure. The Board may establish fees for the actual cost of duplication services, materials, and returned bank items. All fees derived from services provided by the Board under the provisions of this Chapter shall be nonrefundable. The Board shall maintain accounts of all receipts to the Board.  (1999-313, s. 1.)