90-85.21. Pharmacy permit.

(a) In accordance with Board regulations, each pharmacy in North Carolina shall annually register with the Board on a form provided by the Board. The application shall identify the pharmacist-manager of the pharmacy and all pharmacy personnel employed in the pharmacy. All pharmacist-managers shall notify the Board of any change in pharmacy personnel within 30 days of the change. In addition to identifying the pharmacist-manager, a pharmacy may identify a pharmacy permittee's designated agent that the Board shall notify of any investigation of the pharmacy or a pharmacist employed by the pharmacy. The notice shall include the specific reason for the investigation and be given prior to the initiation of any disciplinary proceedings.

(a1) A mobile pharmacy shall register annually with the Board in the manner prescribed in subsection (a) of this section, and the registration shall be renewed annually. A mobile pharmacy shall be considered a single pharmacy and shall not be required to pay a separate registration fee for each location but shall pay the annual registration fee prescribed in G.S. 90-85.24. A mobile pharmacy shall provide the Board with the address of every location from which prescription drugs will be dispensed by the mobile pharmacy.

(b) Each physician who dispenses prescription drugs, for a fee or other charge, shall annually register with the Board on the form provided by the Board, and with the licensing board having jurisdiction over the physician. Such dispensing shall comply in all respects with the relevant laws and regulations that apply to pharmacists governing the distribution of drugs, including packaging, labeling, and record keeping. Authority and responsibility for disciplining physicians who fail to comply with the provisions of this subsection are vested in the licensing board having jurisdiction over the physician. The form provided by the Board under this subsection shall be as follows:


Application For Registration

With The Pharmacy Board

As A Dispensing Physician


1. 2.

Name and Address of Dispensing Affix Dispensing Label Here





3. Physician's North Carolina License Number ______________________________

4. Are you currently practicing in a professional association registered with the North Carolina Medical Board?

______ Yes ______ No. If yes, enter the name and registration number of the professional corporation:



5. I certify that the information is correct and complete.

________________________ _________________

Signature Date

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