90-31.1. Continuing education courses required.

All dentists licensed under G.S. 90-30 shall be required to attend Board-approved courses of study in subjects relating to dentistry. The Board shall have authority to consider and approve courses, or providers of courses, to the end that those attending will gain (i) information on existing and new methods and procedures used by dentists, (ii) information leading to increased safety and competence in their dealings with patients and staff, and (iii) information on other matters, as they develop, that are of continuing importance to the practice of dentistry. The Board shall determine the number of hours of study within a particular period and the nature of course work required. The Board may provide exemptions or waivers from continuing education requirements where dentists are receiving alternate learning experiences or where they have limited practices. The Board shall by regulation define circumstances for exemptions or waivers for dentists who are involved in dental education or training pursuits where they gain experiences equivalent to formal continuing education courses, for those who have reached an advanced age and are semiretired or have otherwise voluntarily restricted their practices in volume and scope, and for such other situations as the Board in its discretion may determine meet the purposes of this section. (1993, c. 307, s. 1.)