§ 90-29.3.  Provisional license.

(a)        The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners shall, subject to its rules and regulations, issue a provisional license to practice dentistry to any person who is licensed to practice dentistry anywhere in the United States or in any country, territory or other recognized jurisdiction, if the Board shall determine that said licensing jurisdiction imposed upon said person requirements for licensure no less exacting than those imposed by this State. A provisional licensee may engage in the practice of dentistry only in strict accordance with the terms, conditions and limitations of his license and with the rules and regulations of the Board pertaining to provisional license.

(b)        A provisional license shall be valid until the date of the announcement of the results of the next succeeding Board examination of candidates for licensure to practice dentistry in this State, unless the same shall be earlier revoked or suspended by the Board.

(c)        No person who has failed an examination conducted by the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners shall be eligible to receive a provisional license.

(d)       Any person desiring to secure a provisional license shall make  application therefor in the manner and form prescribed by the rules and regulations of the Board and shall pay the fee prescribed in G.S.  90-39 of this Article.

(e)        A provisional licensee shall be subject to those various disciplinary measures and penalties set forth in G.S. 90-41 upon a determination of the Board that said provisional licensee has violated any of the terms or provisions of this Article. (1969, c. 804, s. 1.)