90-171.51. Emergency Financial Assistance Fund.

There is established an Emergency Financial Assistance Fund for students in State educational nursing and licensed practical nursing programs, to be administered by each campus. Emergency need is defined as acute financial need caused by a particular event which immediately and severely impacts a particular student's ability to continue his or her educational program in nursing on that student's current schedule. Allowable expenses, for emergency assistance, shall include funds for child care, transportation, housing, and medical care; and shall not be considered as an ongoing source of income for those expenses. Emergency assistance shall be limited to four hundred dollars ($400.00) per academic year for any individual. The local Board of Trustees at each campus shall review quarterly the expenditures under this Fund, and the Department of Community Colleges and the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina shall assess the Fund's impact on completion rates in these programs, and report their assessment to the General Assembly. (1987 (Reg. Sess., 1988), c. 1049, s. 2(a).)