90-154.3. Acceptable care in the practice of chiropractic.

(a) It shall be unlawful for a doctor of chiropractic to examine, treat, or render any professional service to a patient that does not conform to the standards of acceptable care.

(b) For purposes of disciplinary action, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners may adopt rules that establish and define standards of acceptable care with respect to:

(1) Examination and diagnosis;

(2) The use of chiropractic adjustive procedures;

(3) Physiological therapeutic agents;

(4) Diagnostic radiology;

(5) The maintenance of patient records; and

(6) Sanitation, safety, and the adequacy of clinical equipment.

(c) If the Board has not defined a standard of acceptable care by rule, then the standard of acceptable care shall be the usual and customary method as taught in the majority of recognized chiropractic colleges.

(d) Nothing in this section shall alter the lawful scope of practice of chiropractic as defined in G.S. 90-143 or the limitation of license as defined in G.S. 90-151. (1985, c. 760, s. 5; 1995, c. 188, s. 3.)