§ 90-117.3.  Annual and special meetings.

The North Carolina State Board of Examiners in Optometry shall meet annually in June of each year at such place as may be determined by the Board, and at such other times and places as may be  determined by action of the Board or by a majority of the members thereof. Notice of the place of the annual meeting and of the time and place of any special or called meeting shall be given in writing, by registered or certified mail or personally, to each member of the Board at least 10 days prior to said meeting; provided the requirements of notice may be waived by any member of the Board. At the annual meeting or at any special or called meeting, the said Board shall have the power to conduct examination of applicants and to transact such other business as may come before it, provided that in case of a special meeting, the purpose for which said meeting is called shall be stated in the notice. (1973, c. 800, s. 4; 1981, c. 496, s. 3.)