90-113.40B. Applicant supervision.

The Board shall designate a person as an applicant supervisor of individuals applying for registration, certification, or licensure as a substance abuse professional as follows:

(1) A certified clinical supervisor shall supervise a clinical supervisor intern.

(2) A certified clinical supervisor or a clinical supervisor intern shall supervise a substance abuse residential facility director applicant, a clinical addictions specialist applicant, or a substance abuse counselor applicant.

(3) Repealed by Session Laws 2005-431, s. 1, effective September 22, 2005.

(4) A certified substance abuse prevention consultant with a minimum of three years of professional experience, a certified clinical supervisor, or a clinical supervisor intern shall supervise a registrant applying for certification as a prevention consultant.

(5) Pursuant to the deemed status procedure under G.S. 90-113.41A, the supervision requirements described in subdivisions (1) through (4) of this section shall not apply to persons applying for licensure as a licensed clinical addictions specialist.

(6) A criminal justice addictions professional applicant shall be supervised by a certified clinical supervisor or clinical supervisor intern. (2001-370, s. 6; 2005-431, s. 1.)