90-113.40A. Requirements for registration.

(a) Upon application and payment of the required fee, the Board shall issue a registration designating an applicant as a registrant if the applicant:

(1) Provides documentation that he or she has received a high school diploma, or the equivalent, and evidence of any baccalaureate or advanced degrees the applicant has received.

(2) Completes a registration application on a form provided by the Board.

(3) Provides documentation of three hours of educational training in ethics.

(4) Signs a form attesting to the applicant's commitment to adhere to the ethical standards adopted by the Board.

(4a) Submits to a complete criminal history record check pursuant to G.S. 90-113.46A.

(5) Signs a supervision contract provided by the Board that documents the proposed supervision process by an applicant supervisor.

(b) Registrant status shall be maintained for a period of up to five years while the registrant is in the process of completing his or her requirements for credentials pursuant to this Article. If at the end of a five-year period a registrant has not obtained a credential under this Article, the Board shall renew the registration for up to an additional five-year period after the registrant pays the required fee and complies with all requirements for registration pursuant to G.S. 90-113.40A. The Board shall terminate the registration of any registrant who fails to renew his or her registration.

(c) The registrant shall notify the Board of any criminal conviction imposed during the period of registration. (2001-370, s. 5; 2005-431, s. 1.)