90-111. Cooperative arrangements.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General of North Carolina shall cooperate with federal and other State agencies in discharging their responsibilities concerning traffic in controlled substances and in suppressing the abuse of controlled substances. To this end, they are authorized to:

(1) Arrange for the exchange of information between governmental officials concerning the use and abuse of controlled substances;

(2) Coordinate and cooperate in training programs on controlled substances for law enforcement at the local and State levels;

(3) Cooperate with the Bureau by establishing a centralized unit which will accept, catalogue, file, and collect statistics, including records of drug-dependent persons and other controlled substance law offenders within the State, and make such information available for federal, State, and local law-enforcement purposes. Provided that neither the Attorney General of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services nor any other State officer or agency shall be authorized to accept or file, or give out the names or other form of personal identification of drug-dependent persons who voluntarily seek treatment or assistance related to their drug dependency. (1971, c. 919, s. 1; 1977, c. 667, s. 3; 1997-443, s. 11A.118(a).)