§ 89F‑15.  Records.

(a) The Board shall maintain a record of its proceedings and a register of all applications for licensure under this Chapter. For each applicant the register shall show:

(1) The name, age, and home address of the applicant.

(2) The date of application.

(3) The applicant's place of business.

(4) The applicant's education, professional work experience, and other qualifications.

(5) Whether the applicant was required to take an examination.

(6) Whether a license was issued to the applicant.

(7) Whether the applicant is currently licensed.

(8) The date and nature of any action by the Board with respect to the applicant or licensee.

(9) Any other information that the Board determines to be necessary to meet the requirements of this Chapter or rules adopted pursuant to this Chapter.

(b) The Board shall treat as confidential and not subject to disclosure, except to the extent required by law or by rule of the Board, individual applications, related information, and examination scores. (1995, c. 414, s. 1.)