§ 89D‑20.  License renewal and continuing education.

(a) Every license issued under this Chapter shall be renewed on or before the first day of August of each year. Any person who desires to continue to practice shall apply for a license renewal and shall submit the required fee. Licenses that are not renewed shall be automatically revoked. A license may be renewed at any time within one year after its expiration if (i) the applicant pays the required renewal fee and late renewal fee, (ii) the Board finds that the applicant has not used the license in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this Chapter or engaged in the practice of landscape construction or contracting after notice of revocation, and (iii) the applicant is otherwise eligible for licensure under the provisions of this Chapter. When necessary, the Board may require licensees to demonstrate continued competence as a condition of license renewal.

(b) As a condition of license renewal, a licensee shall meet the continuing education requirements set by the Board. Each licensee shall complete seven continuing education units per year. The Board may suspend a licensee's license for 30 days for failure to obtain continuing education units required by this subsection. Upon payment of a reinstatement fee, submission to the Board of proof of the continuing education units required by this subsection, and payment of the license renewal fee and late renewal fee, the licensee's license shall be reinstated. Failure to request a reinstatement of the license and failure to pay the reinstatement fee, renewal fee, and late renewal fee shall result in the forfeiture of a license. Upon forfeiture, a person shall be required to submit a new application and retake the examination as provided in this Chapter. (2014‑103, s. 3(b).)