81A-72. Registration; certificate of registration; annual renewal.

The Commissioner or his authorized agent shall register any person who has complied with the requirements of this Article by making a record of receipt of application, and the issuing of a certificate or card of registration to applicant, whereupon the applicant becomes a registered scale technician and shall be known thereafter as such. Such registration shall be in effect from date of registration until July 1 next and shall be renewed on the first day of July of each year thereafter. A fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall accompany each application for registration and each annual registration renewal. (1941, c. 237, ss. 4, 5; 1943, c. 543; 1947, c. 380; 1975, c. 544; 1983, c. 111, s. 3; 2005-276, s. 42.1(g).)