81A-55. Violations by public weighmasters; by others; penalties.

(a) Any public weighmaster who refuses to issue a certificate as prescribed by this Article, or who issues a certificate giving a false weight, or who misrepresents the weight to any person, or who otherwise violates any provisions of this Article or the rules and regulations pursuant to this Article, may have his license revoked, suspended or terminated by the Commissioner.

(b) The following acts by other persons are also violations of this Article:

(1) Requesting a public weighmaster to weigh a product inaccurately;

(2) Requesting an inaccurate certificate prescribed by this Article;

(3) Impersonating a public weighmaster;

(4) Erasing, changing or altering any certificate issued by a public weighmaster;

(5) Increasing or decreasing the weight of a product for the purpose of deception; or

(6) Violating any other provision of this Article. (1939, c. 285, s. 5; 1975, c. 544; 1981, c. 607, s. 4.)