§ 7B-2405.  Conduct of the adjudicatory hearing.

The adjudicatory hearing shall be a judicial process designed to determine whether the juvenile is undisciplined or delinquent. In the adjudicatory hearing, the court shall protect the following rights of the juvenile and the juvenile's parent, guardian, or custodian to assure due process of law:

(1) The right to written notice of the facts alleged in the petition;

(2) The right to counsel;

(3) The right to confront and cross-examine witnesses;

(4) The privilege against self-incrimination;

(5) The right of discovery; and

(6) All rights afforded adult offenders except the right to bail, the right of self-representation, and the right of trial by jury. (1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1998-202, s. 6.)