§ 7A‑45.3.  Superior court judges designated for complex business cases.

The Chief Justice may exercise the authority under rules of practice prescribed pursuant to G.S. 7A‑34 to designate one or more of the special superior court judges authorized by G.S. 7A‑45.1 to hear and decide complex business cases as prescribed by the rules of practice. Any judge so designated shall be known as a Business Court Judge and shall preside in the Business Court. If there is more than one business court judge, including any judge serving as a senior business court judge pursuant to G.S. 7A‑52(a1) or upon recall pursuant to G.S. 7A‑57, the Chief Justice may designate one of them as the Chief Business Court Judge. If there is no designation by the Chief Justice, the judge with the longest term of service on the court shall serve as Chief Business Court Judge until the Chief Justice makes an appointment to the position. The presiding Business Court Judge shall issue a written opinion in connection with any order granting or denying a motion under G.S. 1A‑1, Rule 12, 56, 59, or 60, or any order finally disposing of a complex business case, other than an order effecting a settlement agreement or jury verdict. (2005‑425, s. 1.1; 2014‑102, s. 2; 2016‑91, s. 1.)