7A-343.6. Electronic filing in Chapter 50B and Chapter 50C cases.

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts is authorized to develop a program for electronic filing in Chapter 50B and Chapter 50C cases in district court in all counties in North Carolina. In order to implement the program in one or more counties in a district, the chief district court judge in each district shall draft local rules and submit the rules to the Administrative Office of the Courts for approval. The local rules shall permit the clerk of superior court for the county to accept electronically filed complaints requesting a domestic violence protective order pursuant to Chapter 50B of the General Statutes, or a civil no-contact order pursuant to Chapter 50C of the General Statutes, that are transmitted from a domestic violence program as defined in G.S. 8-53.12. The authorization for local rules shall be superseded by the promulgation of uniform State rules by the Supreme Court. (2015-62, s. 3(a).)