7A-343.2. Court Information Technology Fund.

(a) Fund. - The Court Information Technology Fund is established within the Judicial Department as a special revenue fund. Interest and other investment income earned by the Fund accrues to it. The Fund consists of the following revenues:

(1) All monies collected by the Director pursuant to G.S. 7A-109(d) and G.S. 7A-49.5.

(2) State judicial facilities fees credited to the Fund under G.S. 7A-304 through G.S. 7A-307.

(b) Use. - Money in the Fund derived from State judicial facilities fees must be used to upgrade, maintain, and operate the judicial and county courthouse telecommunications and data connectivity. All other monies in the Fund must be used to supplement funds otherwise available to the Judicial Department for court information technology and office automation needs.

(c) Report. - The Director must report annually by August 1 of each year to the Chairs of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety and the Chairs of the Senate and House Appropriations Subcommittees on Justice and Public Safety. The report must include the following:

(1) Amounts credited in the preceding fiscal year to the Fund.

(2) Amounts expended in the preceding fiscal year from the Fund and the purposes of the expenditures.

(3) Proposed expenditures of the monies in the Fund. (1999-237, s. 17.15(b); 2000-67, s. 15.1; 2006-187, s. 2(d); 2008-107, s. 29.8(e); 2009-570, s. 2; 2014-100, s. 18B.1(b); 2015-241, s. 18A.23(a).)