7A-215. Procedure upon nonassignment of small claim action.

Failure of the chief district judge to assign a claim within five days after filing of a complaint requesting its assignment constitutes nonassignment. The chief district judge may sooner order nonassignment. Upon nonassignment, the clerk immediately issues summons in the manner and form provided for commencement of civil actions generally, whereupon process is served, return made, and pleadings are required to be filed in the manner provided for civil actions generally. Upon issuing civil summons, the clerk gives written notice of nonassignment to the plaintiff. The plaintiff within five days after notice of nonassignment, and the defendant before or with the filing of his answer, may request a jury trial. Failure within the times so limited to request a jury trial constitutes a waiver of the right thereto. Upon the joining of issue, the clerk places the action upon the civil issue docket for trial in the district court division. (1965, c. 310, s. 1.)