77-84. Organization and meetings.

Upon creation of the Commission, its governing board shall meet at a time and place set by the Town of Lake Lure ordinance. Unless otherwise stated in the ordinance, the mayor of the Town of Lake Lure shall act as the presiding officer. The governing board shall adopt such rules and regulations as it may consider necessary, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Article or of any ordinance of the Town of Lake Lure or the laws of the State of North Carolina, for the proper discharge of its duties and for the governance of the Commission. In order to conduct business, a quorum must be present. The presiding officer may appoint those committees as may be authorized by such rules and regulations. The Commission shall meet regularly at those times and places as may be specified in its rules and regulations or in the Town of Lake Lure municipal ordinance. Special meetings may be called as specified in the rules and regulations. The provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Article 33C of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes, apply. (2003-332, s. 1.)