§ 77-76.  Filing and publication of joint ordinances.

(a)        A copy of the joint resolution creating  the Commission and of any joint resolution amending or repealing the joint  resolution creating the Commission shall be filed with the Executive  Director of the Wildlife Commission.  When the Executive Director receives  resolutions that are in substance identical from all three counties  concerned, the Executive Director shall within 10 days so certify and  distribute a certified single resolution text to the following:

(1)        The Secretary of State;

(2)        The clerk to the governing board of each of the  three counties;

(3)        The clerks of Superior Court of Lincoln,  Mecklenburg, and Gaston Counties.  Upon request, the Executive Director  also shall send a certified single copy of any and all applicable joint  resolutions to the chairman of the Commission; and

(4)        A newspaper of general circulation in the three  counties.

(b)        Unless a joint resolution specifies a later date, it  shall take effect when the Executive Director's certified text has been  submitted to the Secretary of State for filing.  Certifications of the  Executive Director under the seal of the Commission as to the text or  amended text of any joint resolution and of the date or dates of  submission to the Secretary of State shall be admissible in evidence in  any court.  Certifications by any clerk of superior court of the text of  any certified resolution filed with him by the Executive Director is  admissible in evidence and the Executive Director's submission of the  resolution for filing to the clerk shall constitute prima facie evidence  that that resolution was on the date of submission also submitted for  filing with the Secretary of State.  Except for the certificate of a clerk  as to receipt and date of submission, no evidence may be admitted in court  concerning the submission of the certified text of any resolution by the  Executive Director to any person other than the Secretary of State.  (1997-257, s. 7.)