§ 77-75.  Powers of the Commission; administration and funding.

(a)        Within the limits of funds available to  it and subject to the provisions of this Article and of any joint resolution,  the Commission may:

(1)        Hire and fix the compensation of permanent and  temporary employees and staff as it may deem necessary in carrying out its duties;

(2)        Contract with consultants for services it  requires;

(3)        Contract with the State of North Carolina or the  federal government, or any agency or department, or subdivision of them,  for property or services as may be provided to or by these agencies and  carry out the provisions of these contracts;

(4)        Contract with persons, firms, and corporations  generally as to all matters over which it has a proper concern, and carry  out the provisions of contracts;

(5)        Lease, rent, purchase, or otherwise obtain  suitable quarters and office space for its employees and staff, and lease,  rent, purchase, or otherwise obtain furniture, fixtures, vessels,  vehicles, firearms, uniforms, and other supplies and equipment necessary  or desirable for carrying out the duties imposed in or under the authority  of this Article; and

(6)        Lease, rent, purchase, construct, otherwise  obtain, maintain, operate, repair, and replace, either on its own or in  cooperation with other public or private agencies or individuals, any of  the following: boat docks, navigation aids, waterway markers, public  information signs and notices, and other items of real and personal  property designed to enhance public safety in Mountain Island Lake and its  shoreline area, or protection of property in the shoreline area subject  however to Chapter 113 of the General Statutes and rules promulgated under  that Chapter.

(b)        The Commission may accept, receive, and disburse in  furtherance of its functions any funds, grants, services, or property made  available by the federal government or its agencies or subdivisions, by  the State of North Carolina or its agencies or subdivisions, or by private  and civic sources.

(c)        The governing boards of the three counties may  appropriate funds to the Commission out of surplus funds or funds derived  from nontax sources.  They may appropriate funds out of tax revenues and  may also levy annually property taxes for the payments of such  appropriation as a special purpose, in addition to any allowed by the  Constitution, or as provided by G.S. 153A-149.

(d)       The Commission shall be subject to those audit  requirements as may be specified in any joint resolution.

(e)        In carrying out its duties and either in addition to  or in lieu of exercising various provisions of the above authorization,  the Commission may, with the agreement of the governing board of the  county concerned, utilize personnel and property of or assign  responsibilities to any officer or employee of any of the three counties.  Such contribution in kind, if substantial, may with the agreement of the  other two counties be deemed to substitute in whole or in part for the  financial contribution required of that county in support of the  Commission.

(f)        Unless otherwise specified by joint resolution, each  of the three counties shall annually contribute an equal financial  contribution to the Commission in an amount appropriate to support the  activities of the Commission in carrying out its duties.   (1997-257, s. 6.)