77-52. Terms of members.

Upon its creation, the Commission shall have a governing board of nine commissioners. Except as otherwise provided for the first three-year period, each commissioner shall serve a three-year term, with commissioners to serve overlapping terms. Upon creation of the Commission, the Boards shall appoint four commissioners each. Another alternating commissioner shall serve two-year terms. This alternating commissioner shall initially be appointed by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners, then by the Rowan County Board of Commissioners, and thereafter shall alternate between the two Boards.

These appointees shall serve until December 31 following their appointment. Thereafter, appointments shall be made for terms beginning each January 1 by the respective Boards of the two counties as follows:

Initial appointments: Four commissioners from Davidson County, one appointed for a one-year term, one appointed for a two-year term, and two appointed for three-year terms; four commissioners from Rowan County, one appointed for a one-year term, two appointed for two-year terms, and one appointed for a three-year term. Subsequent appointees shall serve three-year terms. The alternating commissioner, to be initially appointed by Davidson County, shall initially serve a one-year term and thereafter serve a two-year term. (1993, c. 355, s. 3.)