§ 74F‑7.1.  Apprentices.

(a) An applicant may receive an apprentice designation if the applicant meets all of the following requirements:

(1) Is of good moral and ethical character, as evidenced in part by a criminal history record check conducted in accordance with G.S. 74F‑18.

(2) Is at least 18 years of age.

(3) Pays the required fee under G.S. 74F‑9.

(b) After an applicant has satisfied the requirements in subsection (a) of this section, the apprentice may practice as an apprentice locksmith under the supervision of a licensed locksmith. The Board shall issue each apprentice a colored badge card that identifies the individual as an apprentice and includes the apprentice designation. The Board shall establish requirements for apprentice supervision.

(c) An apprentice may have the apprentice designation for no longer than three years. On or before the three‑year period expires, the apprentice shall take the locksmith licensure examination administered by the Board. If the apprentice fails to take the examination within the three‑year period or fails the examination and does not retake the examination on or before the three‑year period expires, the apprentice shall not receive licensure and shall not be granted another apprenticeship.

(d) If an apprentice terminates employment with a licensed locksmith under which the apprentice originally received his or her apprenticeship, the apprentice shall find employment with another licensed locksmith to maintain the apprentice designation and shall pay a transfer fee pursuant to G.S. 74F‑9.

Each licensed locksmith shall have no more than two apprentices at one time. However, a licensed locksmith shall have a 90‑day grace period within which to accommodate more than two apprentices if the apprentice is newly hired as a result of a previous termination of employment or the inability of a licensed locksmith to supervise the apprentice. The licensed locksmith shall contact the Board once the locksmith terminates the additional apprentice, and the licensed locksmith shall be legally responsible for the apprentice's work until the Board is notified otherwise. (2003‑350, s. 6.)