§ 74F‑15.  Disciplinary procedures.

(a) The Board may deny or refuse to renew, suspend, or revoke a license or apprenticeship designation if the licensee, apprentice, or applicant:

(1) Gives false information to or withholds information from the Board in procuring or attempting to procure a license.

(2) Has been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to any of the crimes listed in G.S. 74F‑18(a)(2).

(3) Has demonstrated gross negligence, incompetency, or misconduct in performing locksmith services.

(4) Has willfully violated any of the provisions of this Chapter.

(b) The Board may assess the costs of disciplinary action, including attorneys' fees, against an applicant or licensee found to be in violation of this Chapter or rules adopted by the Board. (2001‑369, s. 1; 2003‑350, s. 8; 2013‑370, s. 8.)