§ 74F‑10.  Issuance, renewal, replacement, and transfer of licenses.

(a) The Board shall issue a license, upon payment of the license fee, to any applicant who has satisfactorily met the requirements of this Chapter as administered by the Board. Licenses shall show the full name of the person and an identification number and shall be signed by the chair and one other officer of the Board.

(b) All licenses shall expire three years after the date they were issued unless renewed. All applications for renewal shall be filed with the Board and shall be accompanied by the renewal fee as required by G.S. 74F‑9. A license that has expired for failure to renew may be reinstated after the applicant pays the late and reinstatement fees as required by G.S. 74F‑9. If an applicant whose license has expired can show good cause to the Board the reason for allowing the license to expire, the Board, in its discretion, may adjust the renewal and reinstatement fees accordingly.

(c) The Board shall replace any license that is lost, destroyed, or mutilated subject to rules established by the Board.

(d) A license may not be transferred or assigned. (2001‑369, s. 1; 2013‑370, s. 6.)