§ 73-27.  Judgment for annual sum as damages.

A judgment giving to the plaintiff an annual sum by way of  damages shall be binding between the parties for five years from the issuing of the summons, if the mill is kept up during that time, unless the damages are increased by raising the water or otherwise.

In all cases where the final judgment of the court assesses the yearly damage of the plaintiff as high as twenty dollars ($20.00), nothing contained in this Chapter shall be construed to prevent the plaintiff, his heirs or assigns, from suing as heretofore, and in such case the final judgment aforesaid shall be binding only for the year's damage preceding the issuing of the summons. (1868-9, c. 158, ss. 12,  14; Code, ss. 1860, 1861; Rev., ss. 2143, 2144; C.S., s. 2557.)