73-2. Miller to grind according to turn; tolls regulated.

All millers of public mills shall grind according to turn, and shall well and sufficiently grind the grain brought to their mills, if the water will permit, and shall take no more toll for grinding than one-eighth part of the Indian corn and wheat, and one-fourteenth part for chopping grain of any kind; and every miller and keeper of a mill making default therein shall, for each offense, forfeit and pay five dollars ($5.00) to the party injured: Provided, that the owner may grind his own grain at any time. (1777, c. 122, s. 10; 1793, c. 402; R.C., c. 71, s. 6; Code, s. 1847; 1905, c. 694; Rev., s. 2120; 1907, c. 367; C.S., s. 2532.)