70-21. Cemeteries on State lands.

(a) To preserve the sanctity of cemeteries located on State lands, the head of each State agency shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) To identify and inventory all known cemeteries on State lands allocated to that State agency.

(2) To furnish a copy of the inventory to the State Property Office and the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

(b) State agencies are not required to provide State funds or other resources to maintain cemeteries on State land, except when required by law, regulation, or ordinance; directed by court order; or necessary to correct a known safety hazard to the public.

(c) State agencies may allow a family member or other interested person to maintain cemeteries and erect signs, fencing, grave markers, monuments, and tombstones within the designated boundaries of the cemetery if this activity does not constitute a safety hazard to the public. The family member or person shall obtain approval from the respective State agency and shall be responsible for any expense incurred by the activity. (2015-241, s.14.30(c); 2015-285, s. 1.)