§ 66-98.  Prohibited acts.

Business opportunity sellers shall not:

(1)        Represent that the business opportunity provides income or earning potential of any kind unless the seller has documented data to substantiate the claims of income or earning potential and discloses this data to the prospective  purchaser at the time such representations are made;

(2)        Use the trademark, service mark, trade names, logotype, advertising or other commercial symbol of any business which does not either control the ownership interest in the seller or accept responsibility for all representations made by the seller in regard to the business opportunity, unless it is clear from the circumstances that the owner of the commercial symbol is not involved in the sale of the business opportunity;

(3)        Make or authorize the making of any reference to its compliance with this Article in any advertisement or other contact with prospective purchasers. (1977, c. 884, s. 1.)