66-71.10. Register of deeds to index certificates; transmission of data to central database.

(a) The register of deeds of each county must index in accordance with Article 2 of Chapter 161 of the General Statutes every assumed business name with respect to which an assumed business name certificate, a certificate of amendment, or a certificate of withdrawal has been filed in that county.

(b) Not later than 30 days after the date a certificate under this Article is filed, the register of deeds must transmit a scanned image of the certificate to the Secretary of State and enter into the central database maintained by the Secretary of State under G.S. 66-71.9 the assumed business name, the real name of each person engaging in business under that name, the type of certificate, the county in which the certificate was filed, and, in the case of a certificate of amendment or certificate of withdrawal, the identification number assigned to the assumed business name by the Secretary of State (SOS ID). (2016-100, s. 2; 2017-23, s. 1.)