66-426. Issuance of nonferrous metals purchase permits by Sheriff; form; fees; recordkeeping.

(a) Issuance of Permits. - The sheriff of each county shall issue a nonferrous metals purchase permit to an applicant if the applicant (i) has a fixed site in the sheriff's county; (ii) declares on a form provided by the sheriff that the applicant is informed of and will comply with the provisions of this Part; (iii) does not have a permit that has been revoked pursuant to G.S. 66-429(b) at the time of the application; and (iv) has not been convicted of more than three violations of this Part. A permit shall be valid for 12 months and shall be valid only for fixed sites in the county of issuance. A permit shall be obtained for each fixed site at which nonferrous metals are purchased.

(b) Form. - The Attorney General shall prescribe a standard application form and a standard permit form to be used by sheriffs. The permit form shall contain, at a minimum, the date of issuance and the name and address of the permit holder.

(c) Fees; Record-Keeping Requirements. - The sheriff shall not charge a fee for a permit, and shall retain a copy of any permit issued. (2012-46, s. 28; 2012-194, s. 46(a).)