66-204. Permitted charges.

(a) In addition to the rental rate, taxes, airport charges and fees, if any, vehicle license and registration fees, if any, and mileage charge, if any, a rental car company may charge a renter for an item or service provided in connection with a particular rental transaction if the renter can avoid incurring that charge by choosing not to obtain or utilize the optional item or service. Items and services for which a rental car company may impose an additional charge include, but are not limited to: Optional insurance and accessories requested by the renter unless otherwise prohibited by law; service charges incident to a person's optional return of the vehicle to a location other than the location where the vehicle was hired or leased; optional collision damage waivers; and charges for refueling the vehicle at the conclusion of the rental transaction in the event the rented vehicle is not returned with as much fuel as was in its fuel tank at the beginning of the rental.

(b) A rental car company may also impose an additional charge based on reasonable driving experience criteria established by the rental car company. (1989, c. 631, s. 2; c. 770, s. 62; 2001-432, s. 3; 2007-235, s. 4.)