§ 66-134.  Prohibited acts.

Discount buying clubs shall not:

(1)        Represent to any potential customer that his opportunity to join is limited in time or that his delay in joining may subject him to an increased price. This shall not preclude reference to a general price increase that will take effect on a specified date.

(2)        Discourage or refuse to allow potential customers to inspect  all of their current merchandise catalogs and price lists during normal business hours at their place of business.

(3)        Compare their prices for goods or services with other prices  unless the comparison prices are prices at which substantial sales of the same goods or services were made in the same area within the past 90 days, and unless a written copy of the comparison is given to the buyer to keep.

(4)        Fail upon the customer's request to cancel without charge any purchase order for:

a.         Services, if such services have not been substantially performed;

b.         Goods to be specially manufactured, if such manufacture has not been substantially performed; or

c.         Any other goods, if they have not been delivered to the customer or consigned to a certified public carrier for delivery;

            within 90 days after the purchase order was received by the buying club. This provision shall not be construed to limit a customer's right to earlier performance created by contract or by any other applicable law or regulation.

(5)        Charge any amount in excess of demonstrable actual damages upon a customer's cancellation of an order. (1981, c. 594, s. 1.)