Article 22.

Discount Buying Clubs.

66-131. Definition.

For the purpose of this Article, a "discount buying club" is any person, firm or corporation, which in exchange for any valuable consideration offers to sell or to arrange the sale of goods or services to its customers at prices represented to be lower than are generally available. "Discount buying club" shall not include any cooperative buying association or other group in which no person is intended to profit or actually profits beyond the benefit that all members receive from buying at a discount; nor shall any person, firm or corporation be deemed "a discount buying club" solely by virtue of the fact that (i) for fifty dollars ($50.00) or less it sells tickets or coupons valid for use in obtaining goods or services from a retail merchant, or (ii) as a service collateral to its principal business, and for no additional charge it arranges for its members or customers to purchase or lease directly from particular merchants at a specified discount. (1981, c. 594, s. 1.)