61-2. Trustees may hold property.

The trustees and their successors have power to receive donations, and to purchase, take and hold property, real and personal, in trust for such church or denomination, religious society or congregation; and they may sue or be sued in all proper actions, for or on account of the donations and property so held or claimed by them, and for and on account of any matters relating thereto. They shall be accountable to the churches, denominations, societies and congregations for the use and management of such property, and shall surrender it to any person authorized to demand it. (1796, c. 457, ss. 1, 3; 1844, c. 47; 1848, c. 76; R.C., c. 97; Code, ss. 3667, 3668; Rev., ss. 2670, 2671; C.S., s. 3569.)