58-8-40. Nonassessable policies; foreign or alien companies.

No foreign or alien insurance company shall be licensed to issue in this State nonassessable policies unless it has a free surplus equal in amount to that required of a domestic insurance company, writing the same kind or kinds of insurance, and in addition thereto has fully complied with the requirements of the government under which it was organized; and no foreign or alien insurance company may be licensed to do business in this State to issue assessable policies if it issues nonassessable policies in any other state or country unless all policies shall state that any assessment shall be for the exclusive benefit of holders of policies which provide for such contingent liability and the holders of policies subject to assessment shall not be liable to assessment in an amount greater in proportion to the total deficiency than the ratio that the deficiency attributable to the assessable business bears to the total deficiency. (1945, c. 386.)