58-7-70. Effects of redomestication.

The license, agent appointments and licenses, rates, and other items that the Commissioner authorizes or grants, in his discretion, that are in existence at the time any insurer licensed by the Commissioner transfers its corporate domicile to this or any other state by merger, consolidation, or any other lawful method, shall continue in full force and effect upon the transfer if the insurer remains duly licensed by the Commissioner. All outstanding policies of any transferring insurer shall remain in full force and effect and need not be endorsed as to any new name of the insurer or its new location unless so ordered by the Commissioner. Every transferring insurer shall file new policy forms with the Commissioner on or before the effective date of the transfer, but may use existing policy forms with appropriate endorsements if allowed by, and under such conditions as approved by, the Commissioner: Provided, however, every such transferring insurer shall (i) notify the Commissioner of the details of the proposed transfer and (ii) promptly file any resulting amendments to corporate documents filed or required to be filed with the Commissioner. (1987, c. 752, s. 10; 1999-132, s. 9.1; 2000-140, s. 11; 2001-223, s. 4.2.)