58-7-35. Manner of creating such corporations.

The procedure for organizing such corporations is as follows: The proposed incorporators, not less than 10 in number, a majority of whom must be residents of the State, shall subscribe articles of association setting forth their intention to form a corporation; its proposed name, which must not so closely resemble the name of an existing corporation doing business under the laws of this State as to be likely to mislead the public, and must be approved by the Commissioner; the class of insurance it proposes to transact and on what business plan or principle; the place of its location within the State, and if on the stock plan, the amount of its capital stock. The words "insurance company," "insurance association," or "insurance society" or "life" or "casualty" or "indemnity," or an acceptable alternative approved by the Commissioner, must be a part of the title of any such corporation. The certificate of incorporation must be subscribed and sworn to by the incorporators before an officer authorized to take acknowledgment of deeds, who shall forthwith certify the certificate of incorporation, as so made out and signed, to the Commissioner at his office in the City of Raleigh. The Commissioner shall examine the certificate, and if he approves of it and finds that the requirements of the law have been complied with, shall certify such facts, by certificate on such articles, to the Secretary of State. Upon the filing in the office of the Secretary of State of the certificate of incorporation and attached certificates, and the payment of a charter fee in the amount required for private corporations, and the same fees to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State shall cause the certificate and accompanying certificates to be recorded in his office, and shall issue a certificate in the following form:

Be it known that, whereas (here the names of the subscribers to the articles of association shall be inserted) have associated themselves with the intention of forming a corporation under the name of (here the name of the corporation shall be inserted), for the purpose (here the purpose declared in the articles of association shall be inserted), with a capital (or with a permanent fund) of (here the amount of capital or permanent fund fixed in the articles of association shall be inserted), and have complied with the provisions of the statute of this State in such case made and provided, as appears from the following certified articles of association: (here copy articles of association and accompanying certificates). Now, therefore, I (here the name of the Secretary shall be inserted), Secretary of State, hereby certify that (here the names of the subscribers to the articles of association shall be inserted), their associates and successors, are legally organized and established as, and are hereby made, an existing corporation under the name of (here the name of the corporation shall be inserted), with such articles of association, and have all the powers, rights, and privileges and are subject to the duties, liabilities, and restrictions which by law appertain thereto.

Witness my official signature hereunto subscribed, and the seal of the State of North Carolina hereunto affixed, this the ______ day of______, in the year ____ (in these blanks the day, month, and year of execution of this certificate shall be inserted; and in the case of purely mutual companies, so much as relates to capital stock shall be omitted).

The Secretary of State shall sign the certificate and cause the seal of the State to be affixed to it, and such certificate of incorporation and certificate of the Secretary of State has the effect of a special charter and is conclusive evidence of the organization and establishment of the corporation. The Secretary of State shall also cause a record of his certificate to be made, and a certified copy of this record may be given in evidence with the same effect as the original certificate.

Subject to G.S. 58-8-5, any proposed change in the articles of incorporation shall be filed with the Commissioner, who shall examine the change. If the Commissioner approves the change, the Commissioner shall place a certificate of approval on the change, and forward it to the Secretary of State. (1899, c. 54, s. 25; 1903, c. 438, ss. 2, 3; Rev., s. 4727; C.S., s. 6328; 1957, c. 98; 1987 (Reg. Sess., 1988), c. 975, s. 15; 1989, c. 485, s. 50; 1991, c. 720, ss. 4, 53; 1993, c. 504, s. 4.)