§ 58‑50‑93.  Disclosure requirements.

(a) Each insurer shall include a description of the external review procedures in or attached to the policy, certificate, membership booklet, outline of coverage, or other evidence of coverage it provides to covered persons.

(b) The description required under subsection (a) of this section shall include a statement that informs the covered person of the right of the covered person to file a request for an external review of a noncertification, noncertification appeal decision or a second‑level grievance review decision upholding a noncertification with the Commissioner. The statement shall include the telephone number and address of the Commissioner.

(c) In addition to subsection (b) of this section, the statement shall inform the covered person that, when filing a request for an external review, the covered person will be required to authorize the release of any medical records of the covered person that may be required to be reviewed for the purpose of reaching a decision on the external review. (2001‑446, s. 4.5.)