58-3-160. Sale of company or major reorganization; license to be restricted.

The Commissioner shall restrict the license by prohibiting new or renewal insurance business transacted in this State by any licensed insurer that, in anticipation of a sale of the insurer to new owners or a major reorganization of the business or management of the insurer, transfers all of its existing insurance business to another insurer through an assumption reinsurance agreement or does not write any new insurance business for over one year. The restriction shall remain in force until after the insurer has filed the following information with the Commissioner and the Commissioner has granted approval:

(1) Biographical information in a form acceptable to the Commissioner for each new owner, director, or management person;

(2) A detailed and complete plan of operation describing the kinds of insurance to be written and the method in which the reorganized insurer will perform its various functions;

(3) Financial projections of the anticipated operational results of the reorganized insurer for the succeeding three years based on the capitalization of the reorganized insurer and its plan of operation, which must be prepared by a properly qualified individual, be in sufficient detail for a complete analysis to be performed, and be accompanied by a list of the assumptions used in making the projections; and

(4) Any other information the Commissioner considers to be pertinent for a proper analysis of the reorganized insurer. (1991, c. 681, s. 10.)