58-3-115. Twisting with respect to insurance policies; penalties.

No insurer shall make or issue, or cause to be issued, any written or oral statement that willfully misrepresents or willfully makes an incomplete comparison as to the terms, conditions, or benefits contained in any policy of insurance for the purpose of inducing or attempting to induce a policyholder in any way to terminate or surrender, exchange, or convert any insurance policy. Any person who violates this section is subject to the provisions of G.S. 58-2-70 or G.S. 58-3-100. (1961, c. 823; 1987, c. 629, s. 4; c. 787, s. 2; c. 864, ss. 3(a), 74; 1989, c. 485, s. 25; 1999-132, s. 1.3.)