58-20-5. Definitions.

For purposes of this Article:

(1) "Association" means a trade or professional association that has been in existence for at least five years, and has adopted a written constitution, and a written set of bylaws, and was created for purposes other than for participating in a club.

(2) "Club" means a commercial fishermen's hull insurance and protection and indemnity club created under this Article.

(3) "Commercial fisherman" means any individual, corporation, or other business entity whose earned income is at least fifty percent (50%) derived from taking and selling food resources living in any ocean, bay, river, gulf, estuary, tidal wetlands, spoil area, estuation exit or entrance, or any other body of water or tidal wetlands from which a commercial harvest of fish may be taken.

(4) "Hull Insurance and Protection and Indemnity" means:

a. Insurance against loss or damage to a vessel's hull, lifeboats, rafts, and other operating equipment of the vessel other than its electrical machinery; and

b. Insurance against loss of life, personal injury, or illness to the master, the crew, and other third parties, and against damage to any other vessel or property, such as cargo, for which the insured is legally liable. (1987, c. 330.)