58-2-250. Electronic filings.

(a) As used in this section:

(1) "Commissioner's designee" includes the National Insurance Producer Registry of the NAIC.

(2) "License" includes any license, certificate, registration, or permit issued under this Chapter.

(3) "Licensee" means any person who holds a license.

(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, the Commissioner may adopt rules that require an applicant for a license or a licensee to file documents electronically with the Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee. The rules adopted under this section may contain procedures for the electronic payment of any fee required under this Chapter and the electronic filing of documents, including:

(1) Any document required as part of an application for a license under this Chapter.

(2) Any document required to be filed by an applicant for a license or a licensee to maintain the license in good standing.

(3) Any other document required or permitted to be filed.

(c) The Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee may charge an administrative fee for electronic filing. Fees charged for the processing of an electronic filing are in addition to any other fee imposed for the filing. Fees charged for an electronic filing are limited to the actual cost of the electronic transaction.

(d) This section does not supersede any other provision of law that requires the electronic filing of a document or requires an applicant for a license or a licensee to make any other filing electronically. (2009-383, s. 2.)