58-15-90. Legal proceedings.

(a) Any reciprocal doing business in this State may sue or be sued in its business name.

(b) Any action or suit against a reciprocal may be brought in any county (i) where its principal office is located, or (ii) where the cause of action or any part of the cause of action arose. If the action or suit is to recover a loss under a policy of property insurance, it may also be brought in the county where the property insured was situated at the date of the policy. Any action or suit against a foreign or alien reciprocal may also be brought in any county of this State in which it has any debts owed to it.

(c) In an action against a reciprocal, process against the reciprocal may be served upon the Commissioner. If the defendant in the action is a domestic reciprocal, process against that domestic reciprocal shall be served upon the attorney for that domestic reciprocal unless service upon that attorney is not feasible. (1989, c. 425, s. 1.)